AcuRite 01201M Review
AcuRite 01201M Review
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AcuRite 01201MEasy-to-read, color display looks attractive for any room and the verticle design uses minimum counter space for convenient placement. Wireless weather station shows information for indoor/outdoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity with daily highs/low records, indoor comfort monitor, dew point, heat index, barometric pressure with trend indicator, clock, and calendar. Includes a 12-24 hour future weather forecast.

PDF Manual for AcuRite 01201M

Having trouble? Download PDF instructions for AcuRite 01201M.

Pros and Cons of AcuRite 01201M


  • Includes a power cord and the feature to use batteries for backup usage
  • The unit is elementary to use
  • The sensor has a massive 300ft range


  • Display Screen can be hard to read from several angles
  • Time on unit might not update for daylight savings time mechanically

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